Women Empowering Women

A world-wide web of women leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, creatives, and activists who want to make a difference through sisterhood and social action!


Celia Ward-Wallace, WEW Founder has a message for you...


Women Empowering Women isn’t a course or a coaching program or just another Facebook group, it is a women’s membership community, where the CORE benefits are the community, the connections, the collaborations, the support, and the sisterhood. This is a safe and brave space where diverse women can come together with mutual respect to have important conversations about all aspects of their life and how they can effect change. It opens the possibility of making friends with women who think differently than each other, and to discover values that we share, and values that never occurred before. In WEW all women will be seen, heard, valued, honored, respected and loved!

WEW is a community full of resources, networking, support, teachings and trainings focusing on all the aspects of being a woman: spirituality, self-care, personal empowerment, relationships, purpose, entrepreneurship, career development, financial empowerment, mentorship, coaching, community service, advocacy, activism and social justice, and so much more!

The 6 Pillars of Women Empowering Women are:

1. Sisterhood - We believe women were created to be in community and are stronger, happier and more impactful together. We stand together in diversity, mutual respect, and collaboration. 

2. Spirituality - We believe that each woman has innate worthiness, purpose, and gifts within. It is our birthright to honored, respected, and safe. 

3. Social Justice - We believe that we must stand up, speak out, and take action on social issues. We are not bystanders but upstanders. We stand for tolerance, inclusion, respect, and equality of all people. 

4. Empowerment - We believe that each woman should know their worth, own their power, speak their truth, and share their gifts with the world. As women rise so will our planet. 

5. Entrepreneurship - We believe that entrepreneurship is a great self and spiritual development path which can provide freedom, fulfillment, and transformation. Women can and will change the world through their leadership. 

6. Philanthropy - We believe that we have a duty to serve, give back, and make a difference in the world. Through giving we receive. 


We are living in a moment when we need women rising more than ever. This is a period when the hatred and violence toward women are at an all-time high, the grips of patriarchy are stronger than ever, and TOGETHER we must break this hold and create a new world for our future and the future of our children! No one is coming to save us. We are the ones we're waiting for. We are the leaders we need. We are the best hope for the future! 

So many women feel isolated and lonely and are suffering daily in silence. When women come together and share in safe and brave spaces they can begin to heal and take action in the world. It is so important that we know we are not alone, and WEW is created to provide a safety net to women. When things fall apart as they inevitably will, we will have a world-wide-web of women in place to catch each other. 

WEW is created to be affordable, accessible, inclusive and intersectional, and the $1 a month, $12 for the year membership cost was an effort to level the playing field and provide access to support and resources to all women. Those who cannot afford the $12 a year will still be able to join. Please reach out if that is your situation as you are welcome in the community.  


Women Empowering Women is for you! If you are a sister looking for a place to call home, where you can find the support and friendship you need, this is the place. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, activation and guidance to rise up into your purpose this is the place! If you are looking for a group of soulful and spiritual women focused on connection and consciousness this is the place! If you are looking for a circle of other socially conscious progressive leaders and activists doing their part to change the world this is the place. And if you don't know what you are looking for but want to find out, this is the place too!


Your charter membership in WEW includes year-long access to an exclusive members-only women's community where you will receive daily inspiration, motivation, accountability and mentorship. Included in your membership are ongoing trainings, resources, tools, workshops, coaching calls, and more resources created by the community for the community. The most valuable aspect of your membership is the COMMUNITY itself where you will get as much out of it as you put in. We want to see you, hear you, know you and celebrate you. So, bring ALL of you baby and together we co-create the most valuable community ever! 


These are the women who will help lead the community and provide mentorship and support. 

Celia Ward-Wallace

Teresa Ischan

Stella Belgarde Stanton

Selina Davis

Samantha Calonita

Rhonda Holbert Santifer

Novelyn Aquino Cybulski

Merry Lynch

Lian Mann

Kelli Bradwell

Keandra Doss

Karen Crane

Jamille McClendon

Heather Ryno

Ehmandah Ramsey

Donna Helete

Samaria Williams

Dawn Kenroy Gibson

Bianca Ash

Dancing Moon

Sarah Love Hanna McCoy

Danielle Boudreaux

Annmarie Bourgeois

Shandra Colon


When you enroll as a Women Empowering Women member you will receive the Empowered Woman Toolkit as a bonus gift!